• Request to register a trademark in Ukraine
  • Details regarding the applicant or applicants
  • Trademark representation;
  • An inventory of products and/or services.

Within three months of the application being filed, a certified copy of the Priority Document must be submitted. If the priority document is not in Ukrainian,

translation must be submitted either at the time the priority document is filed or within the time frame given in the office action.

A Power of Attorney does not need to be notarized or legalised. It might be sent out at the same time that the application is filed, or it can come in two months after that.


Within three months of the grant decision’s release, grant and publishing fees must be paid. In Ukraine, a trademark has a 10-year validity duration from the date of filing, and it can be renewed indefinitely for additional 10-year periods. The application for renewal must be submitted no later than six months prior to the registration’s expiration date. By paying the fee, the trademark may also be renewed within six months of the deadline. It is not feasible to reinstate a trademark that has expired.


It takes an average of 1,5-2 years to secure a trademark registration in Ukraine, if all goes well with the prosecution.

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