English is the official language for trademark applications filed in the United States. Documents written in a language other than English need to be translated into English and signed by the translator.

In the US, a trademark application needs to include the following minimum information:

  • The applicant’s name,
  • address, a clear mark drawing,
  • a list of the goods or services, and,
  • in the case of an intent-to-use application,
  • a verified declaration of a bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce
  • submitting charges for a minimum of one category of products or services.

When registering a US trademark, the Power of Attorney submission is not necessary.


The Priority Document should be translated into English and confirmed by the translator, who should also certify the copy. In order to claim priority for a foreign application and/or registration, it must be presented at the time of application filing.


Six months from the priority date is the deadline for submitting a trademark application in the USA asserting conventional priority.


In the United States, a trademark is valid for ten years after it is registered. As long as the mark is used in commerce, a US trademark registration may be renewed every ten years. A renewal application must be submitted either one year before the registration expiration date or within the six-month grace period following the registration expiration date. In order to renew a trademark registration in the United States, the registrant’s declaration of use and specimens of actual usage must be submitted.


If everything goes according to plan during the registration process, the processing time from the first file to registration should take about 16 months

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