Registration of trademarks Suriname: A Royal Order from 1912, Regulations on the Factory and Trademarks in the Colonies and the Aid Office from Industrial Property, served as the foundation for trademark law in Suriname. This order was amended in August 1984 by decree C-81. Suriname is not a party to the Madrid Agreement or Protocol. Although registration is the first step towards obtaining trademark protection, earlier usage may grant protection to an unregistered trademark. The “First to use” system governs jurisdiction in Suriname.


A local agent must submit a trademark application to the “Bureau Intellectuele Eigendom” in Suriname. In Suriname, a domestic (primary) registration is not required for foreign candidates. A local trademark agent is required for foreign applicants. It is necessary to have a Power of Attorney (POA), and the original POA must be filed.


In Suriname, the application procedure entails a formal assessment of the trademark’s distinctiveness as well as a search for previous trademarks. The entire process, from initial file to registration, takes about 18 months. The trademark application is published in the “Advertentieblad van de Republiek Suriname,” commonly referred to as the Official Gazette for Suriname ads, prior to registration. The trademark is released for opposition, and the opposition period lasts for around half a year following the date of publication.


In Suriname, a trademark registration is good for ten years after it is filed. Ten-year renewal periods are available for the registration.

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