In order to receive a filing date, the trademark application needs to include the following

  • A request for trademark registration, which should include the applicant’s name, residence, and registered address
  • portrayal of the brand name

The list of products and/or services categorised by the Nice Classification classes.

After filing the trademark application, the original sealed or stamped Power of Attorney may be delivered within two months. The POA needs to be notarized if the stamp is unavailable.

Trademark Renewal

Within two months of receiving the decision to grant, the fee for registration, publishing, and certificate issuing must be paid. If the additional price is paid, this period may be extended for an additional three months. In Kyrgyzstan, a trademark has a ten-year validity period from the date of filing and may be renewed indefinitely for additional ten-year periods. If you would like to renew your registration, you must do so within a year of the previous registration’s expiration date, or within six months of the expiration date if you would like to pay an additional fee. Once the grace period has passed, a lapsed trademark cannot be renewed.

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