According to the Chinese Trademark Law, in order to obtain trademark exclusivity for their goods or services used in manufacturing or other economic operations, natural individuals, legal entities, or other organisations must file for trademark registration at the Chinese Trademark Office.


  • A letter of instruction providing the applicant’s details, including name, address, nationality, and Chinese translation.
  • The classes for which enrolment is requested.
  • Particulars of every commodity or service that is requested to be covered in each registration.
  • Information about the priority application, if applicable.
  • A priority document that has been certified, along with an English translation if necessary.
  • A sample of the mark (5–10 cm), if it is in black and white. If the mark claims colour protection, there will be eight colour copies and two black and white copies.
  • A Power of Attorney signed; neither notarization nor legality are necessary.

if the applicant is an individual rather than an organisation, a copy of their passport.

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