Canada Trademark Service Charges


Trademark/Service Mark Applications

A simply signed power of attorney.

A detailed list of the goods/services and the classes pertaining thereto.

The full particulars of the applicant.

Nine prints of the trademark, if in color. If black and white, one print is sufficient.

Renewal Requirements

Simply signed Power of Attorney.

The name and address of the applicant

Trademark particulars.

Assignment requirements

Simply signed Power of attorney signed by the assignee.

Deed of Assignment duly executed by the assignor and assignee in its original or duly certified copy thereof.


Certification marks may only be assigned with a special consent of the Registrar.


A trademark application in Canada can be filed on the basis of any one of the following four options:


  1. Use in Canada.

2.Intent to use in Canada.

3.Making known in Canada.

4.Use and registration abroad.

The requirements for filing a trademark application in Canada are the following:

1.A drawing of the trademark in black and white (size 7 x 7 cm), in case of a design mark. (This can be prepared locally)

2.The list of specific wares and /or services in ordinary commercial terms.

  1.  Use in Canada:Date of the first use of the trademark in Canada.

ntent to use: No further documents are required. (Eventually, in order to obtain registration, a declaration stating that the applicant

or its licensees has started using the trademark in Canada must be filed with the Registrar.

Making known in Canada: Particulars of the distribution or advertising of the trademark will be necessary.

Foreign use and registration abroad: The date and number of the application /registration and eventually a certified copy of the

registration must be filed with the registration.

Note: For convention priority application, information such as the country, the filing date and the number of the application on which

priority will be based is required. A certified copy of the basic application is no longer required.