Trademark Registration



A trademark is a type of creative property that consists of a visible symbol, shape, or phrase that identifies and classifies the goods or services from a specific source. The owner of a trademark could be an individual, a corporation, or any legal body. Trademark registration provides certain rights.


What are the criteria for Trademark Protection?


A mark must meet two fundamental criteria to be recognized for trademark protection. It should be in use in business, and it has to be distinctive. The first criterion, that a mark is used in business, stems from the legislative power to regulate interstate commerce, which is rooted in the constitution.


In India, after the introduction of the Company act  2013, trademark became vital for all kinds of businesses. With the increase in knowledge about trademark registration in India more than thousands of trademarks are registered each year. As a result, gaining trademark registration is an essential aspect in establishing any corporate entity. 

A trademark is a combination of letters or words, symbols or signs, capable of identifying uniquely the service and product of one business from another. In simple terms, a trademark is a combination of unique texts and symbols that can identify and differentiate your business.

Advantages of Trademark Registration



Trademark registration is vital for all kinds of businesses. Here are some advantages of trademark registration

  • Sole Authority
    • The owner of the trademark can use the same mark for all of his products that comes under the same class. The owner can enjoy sole ownership of the mark. It also give you the right to take legal action against those who attempts to use your trade mark without proper authorization.
  • Tends to increase Trust and Goodwill in your business
    • One of the huge advantages of a trademark is that it helps to build the trust and goodwill of your brand. When a brand gets popular among customers, its trust and goodwill grow. It aids in the creation of long-term clients who are loyal to the same brand.
  • It is an Asset
    • A trademark can add value to the business because it’s an intangible asset. It can help to differentiate the goods and services from your business competitors. A registered trademark is a recognized right that can be sold, assigned, franchised, or contracted commercially.
  • 10 years of validation
    • A trademark is valid for 10 years after registration. There will be no legal changes, no fees, or maintenance during this 10 year period. It can be renewed like a passport before it expires and the owner can protect their mark from the third party.
  • It helps with branding and advertising
    • Nowadays ads and branding are key factors of any business because of the competitiveness in the market. If a brand is not registered under a trademark, it can be claimed by anyone. So it is inevitable these days to file a trademark for banding and advertising.

Trademark Registration and Renewal

AIEQUE TM   is a company that specializes in trademark registration and renewal. They assist clients in the process of applying for trademarks by conducting trademark searches, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, and monitoring trademarks for potential infringement. They also assist clients in renewing trademarks at specific intervals to maintain them in good standing.