Registration of trademarks Sudan is a party to the Madrid Protocol, the Madrid Agreement, and the ARIPO. The 9th edition of the worldwide categorization of products and services, which comprises 45 classifications, has been adopted, with the exception that alcoholic commodities are not eligible for trademark protection. Registration is required to acquire trademark protection. It can also be obtained by receiving enough public acknowledgement.


A local agent must submit a trademark application to the Intellectual Property Office (Trademark Department). A power of attorney that has been properly notarized or signed and sealed with the applicant’s seal is required. A domestic registration is not required for foreign candidates.


A formal assessment, a distinctiveness examination, and a trademark search are all part of the application procedure. The time between the first filing and registration is roughly one to three years. The trademark application is published in the official gazette prior to registration. Six months after the application’s publishing date is the opposition period.


In Sudan, a trademark registration is effective from the registration date for a period of ten years. Ten-year renewal periods are available for the registration.

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