Trademarks are the most popular type of registered intellectual property rights in both developed and developing nations. This demonstrates their significance in trade. The process of obtaining and upholding trademarks in Sierra Leone is evolving quickly, much like the country’s corporate environment. In Sierra Leone, the number of trademark registrations is steadily rising. Additionally, trademark squatting is becoming more common. Therefore, obtaining ownership of your brand through clear understanding is essential to the success of your firm. The Office of the Administrator and Registrar General [OARG] in Freetown’s Intellectual Property Department is where trademark ownership is often obtained through registration. The Trademark Act of 2014 is the legislation that controls trademarks in Sierra Leone.


  • Just put your signature on the Power of Attorney [if any].
  • Documentation proving the official government fees were paid;
  • A minimum of three trademark representations, each supported by a block of typical examples.

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