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Considered one of the most beautiful places in the Middle East, the UAE is a place where you can dazzle your senses and make an investment. Here, you’ll find everything your business will need to succeed. This includes revolutionary technology, cultural change, and advancements in communication. Set-up any business now with Aieque.

This is an area where the population has quickly started to increase. Today, the imports for the country have passed $14 billion and are constantly on the rise. This is your chance to be a part of a booming industry that will ensure that you have an edge as you branch over to other markets in South Africa, Central Asia and even India.

What many new companies appreciate about the area, is that there is plenty of room for additional goods and services. There are new organizations coming in and they have what they need to succeed. Our diverse population is always ready to experience new goods and services and we are very welcoming to all new overseas companies that come and do business with us.

Here, you’ll have a chance to take advantage of a completely tax free economy. You’ll have a chance to be free of foreign exchange controls and you won’t have trade barriers or quotes in place you’ll need to meet.

Since the Dubai government is promoting trade in the area, you also will find that import duties are incredibly low. In many cases, you will find that a number of products are exempt from import duties.

While you are in the area, you’ll also find that there are 100 airlines nearby and 100 shipping lines in the area. That makes this an exceptional area for companies that are looking to import and export items.

When you are ready to begin a business venture in the UAE, the first place you’ll want to call is Aieque. Our team of professionals will help to guide you through the process and ensure you have everything you need to succeed here.

Dubai Airport Free Zone:

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)

Embrace the Dubai Airport Free Zone

One of the most intriguing areas in the free economic zone in Dubai is the Dubai Airport Free Zone or DAFZA. Since it was introduced in 1996, it has helped to further boost the economy and to ensure that Dubai remains one of the leaders in international trade.

What is perhaps most interesting about this area, is that it carries a 100% tax exemption. That means you don’t have to worry about paying taxes as an international investor in this area. There are also no currency restrictions on the property and you do not have to have a local individual to help you to secure your business.

Located on over one million square miles of land, this is a section of Dubai that is currently growing faster than many of the others. It is also strategically placed so those who have a business on this property can take advantage of the local airport. This allows them to move cargo and goods with ease.

It should come as no surprise that this market has the potential to meet the needs of 1.5 billion people. That means a company that opts to setup business in the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, will have access to a customer base that will ensure that they remain in business for decades to come.

So how does a business break into this area? The best way is to work with a professional company that can work with the government to ensure that your business is ready to go in a timely manner. At Aieque, our staff will take the time to understand your company and what your unique needs are. We will then take the time to ensure that you are registered and setup in the area, so that you can conduct business within the guidelines of the government. That will ensure you are setup for success and there are no surprises along the way, thus saving you both time and money.

Offshore Business Set-Up:

An offshore company, or international business company is one of the unique company types in Dubai. In this case, you will set-up a business that resides outside of its original jurisdiction. While this might sound like a complex thing to setup, it is quite easy with the right company helping you through the entire process.

When you work with the professional staff at Aieque, we’ll take the time to help guide you through the process. We have experience with the four major offshore jurisdictions in the area. They include the following:

Ajam Offshore

Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Offshore

Ras Al Khaimah RAK FTZ

Regardless of the zone that you choose for your business, you need to understand that a registered agent is required to bring your business here. This professional will guide you through the process, while offering you privacy and security at all times. The goal is to bring in new business to the area to help strengthen the economy and to assist other companies who need to improve their financial stability in overseas markets.

In fact, one of main reasons to consider becoming a Dubai offshore company, is that you significantly reduce your tax liability. You may even become tax-exempt in some cases, so that you are further encouraged to do business in Dubai.

This entire process can be done without any additional accountant costs, and all information remains confidential. Even when your business is here, you may continue to conduct your business overseas also. More importantly, you’ll have more protection for your business. That makes this an ideal solution for most companies.

Take a moment to contact one of the representatives at Aieque today and let us know how we can assist you. Our team will help to ensure that your offshore business is set-up quickly and adheres to the letter of the law.


Many companies seek to make the UAE and specifically Dubai their home. With so many wonderful places underway in which to house these specific businesses, it is the pleasure of Dubai to provide for these companies and offer them safe haven, often in Free Zones.
Aieque is available to assist any company which requires a facilitator to help them to begin a business in Dubai. The many different methods required and the many different laws may make it necessary for you to have a facilitator or a advocate to help you to accomplish the business formation that you seek. The laws have changed a great deal in just the last 20 or 30 years alone for Dubai and other areas of the UAE.

Prior to 1984, every Emirate that existed had its own laws and its own procedures when it came to set-up of any business or foreign business interests. The Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah, did not have a single set of guidelines that must be followed. Each took care of their own and a single federal law did not exist to help companies to determine what they needed to do to do business in the UAE. Each of these Emirates had their own methods and each Emirate followed those, sometimes to the chagrin of the business owners.

1984 saw the advent of a Federal Law No.8 of 1984, and later, the amendment by Federal Law No.13 of 1988 – the ‘Commercial Companies Law’ and its by-laws were issued.

These laws and statutes make it conditional that nationals must wholly own the company or that they must own at least 51 percent of the company. The residual 49 percent may be owned by foreign companies or individuals. The law offers that commercial companies in the UAE must also follow specific guidelines and that the companies must take the following forms:

Comprehensive Franchising Service:

Franchising in Dubai has quickly become a popular trend. This is a chance for others to open up additional locations for your business at a minimal risk to you. With this, you have the chance to create a successful franchise that benefits from others who are investing in your company.

In fact, by starting a franchise, you have the ability to spread faster than you could naturally open a business. You have control over the products and services that are carried and can set a uniform pricing structure to help boost business.

You’ll also serve as the support network for the others opening their business. They’ll come to you for guidance, and the cost of your time is offset by the franchise license cost that you set up. This can help you to generate some additional cash flow, as you work to further expand your company and boost the impact you have on the market.

As a franchisor, you also have the ability to take on markets that are dominated by other companies. As a small business, you wouldn’t have the ability to reach a wider audience and boost your visibility. Since many of these franchise owners will also take advantage of advertising on their own, your franchise name will benefit from brand recognition. A franchise also allows you to target specific areas and to encourage natural growth. You can open up specific territories where people can buy into the company. This will allow you to expand the reach of the business and help to avoid a situation where others are stuck in a place where others are arguing over their territory.

Franchises also allow you to gain insight into the business by those who are running the locations. This is a chance for you to review feedback and eventually make decisions that have the ability to grow the business name. Take the first steps and work with the professionals of Aieque today set-up your business in UAE.

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