Registration of trademarks Peru – Peru is an Andean Pact member. The Andean Pact agreement says that all of its member governments—Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru—have common trademark law regulations. Peru is a signatory to the Cartagena Agreement’s Decision 486. Registration is required to acquire trademark protection.

Filing  Requirements

  • A request for trademark registration
  • Applicant details
  • Trademark representation
  • A list of the products and services for which registration is requested.
  • Verification that the filing fee has been paid.


There is no set grant fee. A trademark’s registration can be extended for an additional ten years after it is granted, with a ten-year term. A request for a renewal may be submitted up to six months prior to the validity term’s expiration. A trademark may be renewed without incurring additional fees within six months of its expiration date. A Power of Attorney is necessary in order to renew a trademark.

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