Registration of trademarks Norway is a signatory to the Madrid Protocol. Registration is required to acquire trademark protection. Acquired rights may also serve as the foundation for trademark protection.


 It is necessary to submit a trademark application to the Industrial Property Office. A domestic registration is not required for foreign candidates.


For Norwegian trademarks, there is no formal award fee specified. Electronically, the Certificate of Registration is distributed. After the date of filing, the trademark in Norway is valid for ten years. By paying a renewal fee every ten years, the validity can be extended indefinitely. The final year of the current 10-year trademark validity term is when the request for trademark renewal should be submitted. On the other hand, trademarks in Norway can be renewed up to six months before their validity period expires as of March 1, 2023. Trademark registrations that expire on or after March 2, 2024 are subject to this rule. An additional fee of six months will be charged if this term is extended.


In Norway, a trademark registration is effective from the registration date for a period of ten years. Ten-year renewal periods are available for the registration.

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