Namibian trademark applications can be submitted via the ARIPO union, wherein the applicant submits a single application that identifies the individual ARIPO contracting states, or through Namibia’s Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA). Namibian trademarks are renewed every ten years following the initial ten-year period of validity. As a party to the Paris Convention, Namibia is required to provide its citizens with the same level of intellectual property protection as other parties, with priority rights in the case of patents, trademarks, and designs.

Filing Requirements

  • A simple Power of Attorney signed
  • Information about the Applicant: complete name, mailing address, nationality, and incorporation country
  • Use of the trade mark(s) in representation
  • A list of products and/or offerings
  • Certified copy of the document with priority (if relevant). Although priority claims are not permitted by Namibian substantive law, international petitioners frequently make such claims in the event that their rights are acknowledged.


Ten years after the date of filing, renewable every ten.

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