Myanmar Trademark Service Charges

Summary / Requirements

For the purpose of registering trademarks in Myanmar, the Declarations of Ownership and power of attorney are required to be submitted at the Registration Office. The power of attorney needs to be notarized and diplomatically attested at the Myanmar Embassy or Consulate in your client’s country or nearest to it. The Declaration(s) of Ownership however need only the signature of the responsible official of the declarant company who signed on the power of attorney.

Separate Declarations of Ownership are required to be submitted for each individual trademark. However, only one power of attorney is needed for the registration of several trademarks by the same applicant. The average time from filing till registration will be one and half month.

There is no provision for the registration of collective or certification marks. Each trademark is registered individually and there is no limit on the number of classes under each mark.

Same requirements apply for renewal, re-registration, license assignment, merger and change of name and/or address, etc.