A renewal request may be submitted up to a year before the registration expiration date. It is possible to receive an extra six months of grace starting on the date of expiration. The duration of trademark registration renewals is ten years. In order to register a trademark in Mongolia, one must first perform a preliminary search, then submit an application, have the IPOM examine it, and wait for the publication and possible opposition period.


  • The name, address, and legal status of the trademark holder (legal entity);
  • A request (and/or instruction) for trademark registration (trademark, service mark, collective mark, certification mark, geographical indicator);
  • An exact duplicate of a mark [The inscriptions must be transliterated into English.]
  • A signed and sealed Power of Attorney
  • A list of the items and services for which trademark protection is sought, along with the relevant classes listed in the most recent edition of the International Classification of items and Services.

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