Marriage certificate attestation


This is a legal document that serves as proof of marriage and includes the names of the married couple, the date of the marriage, and the location of the marriage.


why is the attestation of marriage certificates important?


Aside from the following circumstances, not everyone needs an attestation. Submit a visa application so your spouse can visit or reside abroad. Requesting combined financial resources like a bank loan, joint account, or joint insurance policy. For immigration purposes, such as obtaining citizenship or permanent residency, to obtain legal recognition of the marriage in another court.


The process of marriage certificate attestation typically involves the following steps:


    • Obtaining an original copy of the marriage certificate, with any necessary supporting documents.
    • Having the marriage certificate stamped and signed by the relevant authorities in the issuing country.
    • Contacting the relevant government authority in the country where the certificate was issued for information on attestation requirements and procedures.
    • Submitting the attested certificate, along with any necessary supporting documents, to the relevant embassy or consulate in the country where the certificate will be used.
    • Obtaining an apostille or embassy legalization, if required.
    • Payment of fees, as required

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