Liechtenstein is a party to both the Madrid Protocol and the Madrid Agreement, hence it is registered as a trademark. Registration is required to acquire trademark protection. It can also be obtained by receiving enough public acknowledgement.


  •  A request for trademark registration 
  •  Information on the applicant
  •  A mark representation
  •  Payment of the filing fee
  •  A list of the products or services that the trademark is being claimed for. 

A certified copy of the Priority Document must be filed with the trademark application if the applicant wants to assert priority over an earlier application. English or French may be used to write priority documents. A private seat or place of business in Liechtenstein is necessary for the filing of priority trademark applications in that country.

A Power of Attorney does not need to be notarized or legalised. It could be given in conjunction with submitting the application.

Six months from the priority date is the deadline for submitting a trademark application in Liechtenstein asserting conventional priority.


There is no search for previous trademarks throughout the application procedure; instead, there is a formal examination and an examination of distinctiveness. The entire process, from initial submission to registration, takes about 4-6 months.


In Liechtenstein, a trademark registration is effective from the registration date for a period of ten years. Ten-year renewal periods are available for the registration.

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