If there are no official proceedings, the registration of a trademark in Japan typically takes ten to eighteen months. After ten years, a registration can be renewed forever by paying the relevant renewal registration fees.

Both collective trademarks and three-dimensional trademarks are registered in Japan. While colours can be identified when they are part of a mark, they might not be registered on their own. It is not possible to register sounds as a trademark.

Which agency in Japan registers trademarks?

Examining, awarding, and managing intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, and designs) in Japan is the responsibility of the Japan Patent Office (JPO).



The applicant is required to pay the registration cost once their application is approved.

Either the full registration fee or two instalments may be paid during the registration’s ten-year period. When it comes to instalment payments, the first instalment is paid at the time of allowance, and the second instalment is due in the registration term’s fifth year. If the second instalment is not paid on schedule, the registration of the trademark expires.



  • Full name of applicant.
  • Address of the applicant.
  • Nationality of the applicant or the state or country of incorporation.
  • Trademark or unobscured copy (device or stylized markings).
  • certain products and/or services.
  • worldwide class(es)

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