Bulgarian trademark registration: Bulgaria is a party to the Madrid Protocol, the Madrid Agreement, and the European Community. The Law on Marks and Geographical Indications (LMGI) of September 14, 1999 serves as the legal foundation. Using the first-to-file concept, trademark protection can be acquired through registration.


A local agent is required to submit a trademark application to the Bulgarian Patent Office. In cases of reciprocity, an unofficial power of attorney is permissible; nevertheless, using the unique form that is provided by the Patent Office is strongly advised. A domestic registration is not required for foreign candidates.


There is no search for previous trademarks throughout the application procedure; instead, there is a formal examination and an examination of distinctiveness. Before the trademark authority issues an office action or registers a trademark, it takes between 12 to 24 months. The trademark is released in the Patent Office’s monthly Official Bulletin following the conclusion of the formal examination. Two months after the application’s publishing date is the opposition period.


In Bulgaria, a trademark registration is effective from the registration date for a period of ten years. Ten-year renewal periods are available for the registration.

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