Filing Requirement

The name and address of the applicant; the identification of one or more Contracting States where registration is sought; the request to register a trademark

  • Four copies of the trademark representation
  • A priority claim, if applicable;
  • A catalogue of products and services.
  • The application must be filed with a simple signed Power of Attorney, or within two months of the filing date.
  • The Priority Document must be filed in copy within three months of the date of filing.
  • Six months from the priority date is the deadline for submitting a trademark application to ARIPO in order to assert conventional priority.


A trademark will be registered three months after the application is published, subject to payment of the grant cost. A trademark’s ten-year validity period begins on the filing date and can be renewed indefinitely for further ten-year periods. It is necessary to pay the renewal fees prior to the registration term ending. After paying the appropriate surcharge, there is a six-month grace period in which late payments are accepted.



Approximately 12 to 18 months are needed to complete the ARIPO trademark registration process.

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