The copyright is a property that grants its owner the right to copy, distribute, modify, exhibit, and perform creative work for an amount of time or a period of time. The creative can be literary, artistic or educational. Even music is counted as one of them. The copyrighted material cannot be copied by anyone without the permission of its owner. It is also proof that the property is yours. In simple terms, it is a property that actually protects your original works.

As you know that copyright protects your work from unauthorized duplication or usage, your unique work like computer software, art, music, and design will be safe by the law. According to copyright law, a work is considered unique if the author made it from independent thought without duplication. These works are considered unique and widely known as Original Work of Authorship (OWA).

Anyone with a unique OWA has naturally acquired the copyright necessary to prevent duplication of the work.

Many people think copyright and trademark are the same, but they serve different purposes and work in different ways. For example, trademark protection material helps to differentiate an individual’s or firm’s product from another’s; this includes symbols, words, a slogan, a logo, and a brand name. While copyright protects your unique work like music, art, design, etc from unauthorized duplication