Our Story

Established in the vibrant city of Dubai,  Aieque has been leading the way in intellectual property protection since 2020. With a strong passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, we have helped many clients secure their ideas and creations. Our team is committed to providing top-notch service and ensuring that your intellectual property is well-protected. We assist to safeguard asset and support your Journey towards success.

Our Mission

It is the unwavering mission of Aieque TM

* To provide the high quality personalized professional services consistently in an effective and proactive manner. And ensuring our clients receive the quality service.

* To provide qualitative solutions that assist our clients at every stage of their development, enabling them to achieve and exceed their business goals.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain our position as one of the most highly regarded firms in the United Arab Emirates within the corporate sector. We are dedicated to offering business solutions that are backed by thorough research, placing special emphasis on ensuring the convenience and complete satisfaction of our clients.

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Our Values

Sensitivity economic and social changes in the Gulf region mirror global trends. This means that shifts in the Gulf’s economic and social landscape are influenced by and interconnected with developments on a global scale. The rapid pace of change in these areas poses challenges for decision-makers, as they must adapt to evolving circumstances. As a result, it becomes essential for businesses to align their working philosophy with these changes. This involves staying updated and maintaining sensitivity to the dynamic nature of the business environment, both locally in the Gulf and globally. 

Our Focus

Total Commitment and Excellence – Foremost priority is to ensure that our team members consistently maintain the highest level of technical competence and up-to-date expertise. We are dedicated to providing continuous training and resources to support our experts in delivering excellence in their work.